HTC Legend from HTC Network PIN Code Unlocking

HTC Network PIN Code Unlocking     HTC Network PIN Code Unlocking

HTC HTC Legend

How to Network PIN Code Unlock your HTC Legend

1. Switch ON your phone with a non HTC SIM Card,
2. Phone shows "Enter Special Code" or "Enter Network Code",
3. You can now enter the Unlock Code we sent to you.
4. Your cellphone is now unlocked

Tellus HTC Legend
2020-02-17 |
4.5455/ 5stars
WOW!!!! Bell HTC ONE unlocked in few minutes!!! Thank you very much

of Richmond
Koodo HTC Legend
2020-01-27 |
4.5334/ 5stars
Merci beaucoup !!!

of Bedford
Rogers HTC Legend
2019-10-19 |
4.4734/ 5stars
It is a legit service. Now my phone is unlocked. Thank you, Tom

of Winnipeg
Virgin Mobile HTC Legend
2014-01-05 |
4.2580/ 5stars
Thanks very much for the excellent service. Everything worked as promised.

of Vancouver
Virgin Mobile HTC Legend
2013-11-23 |
4.2479/ 5stars
it is working ok. Thanks for the help.

of Richmond Hill
Bell HTC Legend
2013-08-03 |
4.2229/ 5stars
Thanks again for a great service and have a nice weekend

of Montreal
Bell HTC Legend
2012-08-10 |
4.1736/ 5stars
I had an HTC Legend locked to Virgin Mobile. I paid by credit card and had my unlock code in 30 minutes. Put in a Koodo SIM card and it works great.

of city
Virgin Mobile HTC Legend
2011-12-07 |
4.1337/ 5stars
Mobileincanada unlocked my virgin htc legend in 10 mins. Highly recommended!! Awesome!! And the interac online payment was instant which helps alot

of city
Virgin Mobile HTC Legend
2011-09-15 |
4.1167/ 5stars
Fantastic site! legit unlocking site.. thanks!

of Victoria
Bell HTC Legend
2011-08-24 |
4.1129/ 5stars

SFR France HTC Legend
2011-08-18 |
4.1121/ 5stars
Impeccable! Code pour HTC Legend SFR France obtenu en 1h.

of Brampton
Bell htc Legend
2011-07-04 |
4.1041/ 5stars
Excellent, I just finished 2nd phone's unlocking. Simply Great.Thanks

of conklin
Virgin Mobile HTC Legend
2011-04-28 |
4.960/ 5stars
thank you very much. my htc legend is now working with the network that i want. good job!

of Brampton
Virgin Mobile HTC Legend
2011-04-26 |
4.956/ 5stars
Awsome website, always the best price at $20. I've unlocked 2 htc legend's and a htc desire hd. Simply the best in Canada.

of toronto
Virgin Mobile HTC legend
2011-04-19 |
4.941/ 5stars
thank you my htc legend phone works with the code u send, it takes like 20 secons to do it

of Edmonton
Virgin Mobile HTC Legend
2011-04-18 |
4.938/ 5stars
wow! I couldn't believe it. It's super simple and fast and it works!One thing I really liked about it is I entered the wrong IMEI for the first time and I thought I lost my money, but the online customer support contacted me immediately and I gave them the correct one. That was so convenient. Thanks

of Brampton
Virgin Mobile HTC Legend
2011-02-24 |
4.870/ 5stars
just got my my unlock code for my htc legend and it worked perfectly with tellus.

Virgin Mobile HTC Legend
2011-02-13 |
4.853/ 5stars
great service fast okay price but very simple and great tutorials

of Duncan
Virgin Mobile HTC Legend
2011-01-25 |
4.826/ 5stars
It worked perfectly! Thanks!

of Mississauga
Bell HTC Legend
2011-01-09 |
4.813/ 5stars
WOW!! Fastest service i ever got.Amazing!Once i got my code it took 1 min to unlock my legend.

of St Catharines
Virgin Mobile HTC Legend
2010-12-27 |
4.732/ 5stars
Again, MobileIn Canada is simply the best out there. Hands down!! The only place to get your phone unlocked.Thanks again, for yor amazing service.

of London
Bell HTC Legend
2010-12-18 |
4.720/ 5stars
Great pre-purchase IMEI verification system, very helpful post-purchase tracking system, amazingly fast delivery time-- I'm honestly not sure how this service could be any better! :)

of Surrey
Bell HTC Legend
2010-10-20 |
4.616/ 5stars
Fast and efficient service

of Lakeside
Virgin Mobile HTC Legend
2010-10-02 |
4.591/ 5stars
I tried 4 different services only to find that MobileInCanada was the only service that could provide the unlock code. Dont waste you time with the other services, use MobileInCanada.Thanks

of North York
Bell HTC Legend
2010-10-02 |
4.590/ 5stars
Worked as advertised :)Ordering was easy, did that online shortly after midnigt, first thing in the morning checked my email and the code and detailed instructions were waiting for me :)I'm happy!